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Eric Buschbacher Shares Latest At-Home Workout Regimen

Recent graduate and fitness enthusiast Eric Buschbacher explains how he’s staying in shape amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

With the global coronavirus pandemic persisting in shaping how many of us go about our lives, fitness enthusiasts, such as Eric Buschbacher, continue to carefully tailor at-home workouts while gyms remain closed. From cardiovascular activity to strength training, recent St. John’s University graduate Buschbacher shares a closer look at his own at-home fitness efforts.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the lives of countless individuals around the world, I’ve spent time recently working on an at-home fitness regimen,” explains Eric Buschbacher, speaking from his family home in Bergen County, NJ.

Committed to his fitness, Eric Buschbacher is an avid Knicks, Giants, and Yankees fan. Buschbacher is also a World Cup soccer enthusiast and a regular participant in an NFL fantasy football league.

Amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, keen gym-goer Eric Buschbacher remains engaged in an ever-evolving at-home workout regimen. Buschbacher has spent recent weeks fine-tuning his efforts to remain fit at home. It’s a regime that, he says, may also suit many others who are keen to stay in shape while gyms are closed.

Buschbacher’s primary fitness focus, he says, is on strength training. “I’m finding it tough not being able to visit the gym, but I’m maintaining an at-home workout regimen in the meantime,” Eric explains.

Eric Buschbacher Discusses Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The recent graduate’s latest regimen combines a mix of aerobic—or cardiovascular—activity, anaerobic activity, strength training, and balance and stretching exercises – the latter of which have seen Buschbacher embrace aspects of proper stretching before and after exercise for the first time in his workouts.

A careful combination of endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility has proved key in Eric Buschbacher’s most recent efforts to stay fit at home, he says. “It’s important to cover multiple bases,” explains Buschbacher, “and, for example, not focus solely on one area, such as strength.”

Outside of the gym, Eric Buschbacher has also enjoyed playing competitive soccer and basketball for a number of years. Further to sports and fitness, Eric revels in life in New York City, truly a city, he says, which never sleeps. “Under normal circumstances, I thoroughly enjoy embracing an urban lifestyle,” he reveals. For now, however, Eric Buschbacher remains focused on staying fit from the comfort of his own home. “While I remain committed to my current at-home workout regimen, I’m looking forward,” adds the business management graduate and fitness enthusiast, wrapping up, “to hitting the gym once again when the coronavirus pandemic is over and restrictions are lifted.”

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